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Credit card is required to reserve a tee time.  However, your card will not be charged until you check in the day of your tee time, or if you do not cancel your reservation according to the reservation policy.  Note that certain discounts may apply based on age and may not be displayed.  You must have a foursome to book a time on weekends.  If you attempt to book a time with less than four on a weekend, the time will show as unavailable.  Fivesomes are permitted, but the online system will only show four.  Use the notes section while reserving your time to let us know you will have five.  If you experience any problems, please call the course for more information.

Weekend and holiday tee times may be reserved in person or by phone the preceding Saturday for the following Saturday, Sunday or holiday that week.  Times will be taken 30 minutes prior to the first time of the day.  Only one (1) time per person may be reserved for the following weekend or holiday when phoning in or in reserving in person before 9:00 am the previous Saturday.  After 9:00 am, up to four (4) times may be reserved per person or per phone call.  Times will be issued in the following order: Alternating; in person / then by phone and continuing in sequence.  The person reserving the time(s) must provide their phone number upon request.  This number may be used for verification purposes.

Weekday tee times are taken one week in advance beginning 15 minutes prior to the first tee time of the day.  Up to four (4) tee times may be reserved by one phone call or in person.

Note:  Failure to use a reserved time may result in loss of reservation privileges at all city courses.  All members of a group must check in with the starter at least 10 minutes prior to their tee time.  If all members are not present, the starter may place additional players to make foursomes and fivesomes.